Tissues Dissociation Protocols

By Kathryn Murphy / 10 August, 2020

Human Breast Tissues Dissociation

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Protocol Authors: Shanshan Bai, Emi Sei, Nicholas E. Navin

The link above is for the protocol to issolate single cell susspension for used by HBCA project to obtain high-viability cell suspensions from freshly dissociated breast tissues from human patients. This protocol covers two two options for performing this protocol: rapid-dissociation (15-30 min) or exhaustive dissociation (overnight).

Single Nuclei RNA Sequencing of Breast Adipose Tissue

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Protocol Authors: Kevin Nee, Quy Nguyen, Kai Kessenbrock

The link above is for the protocol for 10x Nuclei-Seq adjusted for breast tissues to handle adipose tissue, due to its delicate and lipid filled nature is not amenable to these methods of interrogation. This protocol was used to investigate the heterogeneity of stroma and adipocytes in normal breast tissues, and determine the interactions of the breast microenvironment at single-cell resolution.