Current Members

  • Nicholas Navin, Core Director, email: nnavin [at]
  • Tuan Tran, Core Coordinator, email: TMTran2 [at]
  • Emi Sei, Staff Scientist
  • Jerome Lin, Computational Scientist
  • Shanshan Bai, Research Investigator
  • Min Hu, Data Manager
  • Jianzhuo Li, Senior Research Assistant

Scientific Advisors

  • Dr. Ken Chen, Ph.D. Associate Professor
  • Dr. Vicki Huff, Director, SMF Core Facility
  • Erika Thompson, Associate Director, SMF Core Facility

Internal Advisory Board (IAB)

  • Dr. John Weinstein, Professor & Chair (Dept of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology)
  • Dr. Andy Futreal, Professor & Chair (Dept. of Genomic Medicine)
  • Dr. Vicki Huff, Professor and Director (Sequencing and Microarray Core Facility)
  • Dr. Ignacio Wistuba, Professor & Chair (Dept. of Translational Molecular Pathology)
  • Dr. Katherine Starke, Director, Institutional Shared Resources (Office of Transl. Research)
  • Dr. Guillermina Lozano, Professor & Chair (Dept. of Genetics)